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To design and produce interactive entertainment that enriches and empowers those who experience it.

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Professional Experience

September 2010 to present Electric Eggplant
San Anselmo, CA

App and eBook Creation

Executive Produced and Designed:

Produced and coded:

February 2015 to presentTerrible Toybox


February 2005 to January 2011 NewsTrust.net
Mill Valley, CA

Director of Production
  • Co-designed and coded NewsTrust, a citizen news rating service bringing together experienced journalists and volunteer reviewers to rate news stories and their sources according to rigorous editorial standards. NewsTrust uses Ruby on Rails as its development platform.
January 2007-September 2011 Disney

Consultant/Game Designer

  • For theme park and online entertainment. Co-designed “The Leonardo Challenge” at Tokyo DisneySea.
August 2005 to Present Seadrift Company Realtors
Stinson Beach, CA

Consultant: Web Producer/Designer
  • Co-designed, implemented, and manage updates and changes to their Web site.
March 2005 to Present Ayrshire Foundation
Pasadena, CA

Consultant: Web Producer/Designer
  • Co-designed, implemented, and manage updates and changes to their Web site.
August 2004 to Present Kathleen Russell Consulting
Larkspur, CA

Consultant: Web Producer/Designer
November 2003-June 2004 Simon & Schuster
New York, NY

Consultant: Web and Blog Producer/Designer
August 2003-March 2004 Dean Media Team

Project Manager/Video Editor (volunteer)
  • Managed Phase 2 of the Switch2Dean project as part of the grassroots campaign to elect Howard Dean. Edited the 6 new videos, and helped integrate them into the web site. Worked with the project’s director, graphics designer, and PR team. Two of the videos I edited were selected by Dean For America (the official campaign) and shown on Wisconsin TV during the week leading up to its February 17, 2004 primary.
  • Co-produced a radio ad (in English and Spanish) that was aired across the Super Tuesday primary states.
May 2002- Present Learning Friends
Woodside, CA

Consultant: Producer/Designer
  • Co-designed a prototype for an educational reading adventure game for a large software company.
  • Produced and co-designed a prototype of an innovative, early learning math game under a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
February 2002- December 2003 The Activities Club
West Chester, PA

Consultant: Web Design/Development
  • Updating the primary Web site with new content.
January 2001- April 2002 Xulu Entertainment, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

  • Managed production on an immersive form of interactive entertainment for both the home (online) and out of home (location-based entertainment).
September-October 2000 UClick, LLC


July-October 2000

Cupertino, CA

  • Worked with various in-house teams on the launch of a new project.

July-September 2000

San Francisco, CA

  • Helped define and contribute design elements on a new Web project.

June 1996-June 2000

Talk City, Inc.
now LiveWorld Inc.
Campbell, CA

Director of New Content

As employee #6, I helped expand the company from startup through IPO and beyond. I scoured the Web and brought new technologies to Talk City, including:

  • HearMe’s voice chat
  • pogo.com games
  • StorySprawl (multi-threaded story writing).
In addition, I contributed design expertise to most new Talk City products, including EZ Talk (Java chat client), TC Pirch and TC Ircle (PC and Mac chat clients), and eFriends (Clubs). Produced Community content on the Internet.

Director of Kids and Entertainment Programming

  • Produced several “bot” chat games
  • Co-produced Talk City’s home pages offering
  • Executive produced The InSite, an award-winning teen site focusing on empowerment)
  • Executive produced Tech Showcase (exhibiting new Web technologies for people to try out)
  • Executive produced the Talk City Palace.

January 1996

(formerly The Digital Village)
London, England

March-October 1995

ShadowCatcher Entertainment
Seattle, WA

September 1993- March 1995

Rocket Science Games
San Francisco, CA
Senior Game Designer

November 1992- January 1993

Big Future Consultant
  • Researching appropriate exhibits and attractions for their future Science and Technology “Edutainment” Centers.

October 1992- January 1993

Iwerks Entertainment, Evans & Sutherland Consultant

January 1993

Sony Corp. of America Consultant
  • Created two concept documents for public-space interactive entertainment experiences.

September-December 1992

Putnam NewMedia Multimedia Producer

September 1982-August 1992

Lucasfilm Ltd./LucasArts Entertainment Company
San Rafael, CA

Manager of Entertainment Software, Rebel Arts and Technology
  • Responsible for designing “experiences” for the next generation of Location Based Entertainment.
  • Designed 2 games for the Commander (2-person, high-end motion platform system for arcades) from Rediffusion, and 3 games for Mirage, a multi-player, networked entertainment system intended for theme parks. This was the primary project of the division.
  • Managed the development of the sound system, and coordinated development and implementation of the prototype with Hughes Training, our partner company.
  • Prototype system was completed in April, 1992. Announced in November, 1992.
Director of Operations Managed the transition from a 40 person to a 110 person company. Established product support and QA departments, hired and managed all the assistant game designers/programmers and helped establish training program.
Senior Designer/ Project Leader, Games Division Founding member of Games Division. Contributed significantly to making it into a highly regarded computer games company.

Game credits:


Atari Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
  • Gave seminar on microcomputer animation.


Disney Productions
Burbank, CA
  • Training on animation capabilities of the Atari computer.


  • See list of books below
  • Wrote numerous reviews of educational computer software for Creative Computing and Personal Computing magazines.


Marin Computer Center
a non-profit, educational corporation
Terra Linda/Corte Madera, CA
Co-founder with Annie Fox
  • Co-President of Board of Directors.
  • Taught programming in BASIC to kids and adults.
  • Hired and trained instructors.
  • Obtained funding from the San Francisco Foundation’s Buck Fund for a multi-player, multi-computer game, the Starship Simulation Project.
  • Adapted computer games to various computers and published them through Creative Computing.
  • Developed Mix and Match Muppets under contract with Children’s Television Workshop for their Sesame Place theme park.

Professional Associations

2014 to Present

Producers Guild of America (PGA) Member of the New Media Council, for producing games and mobile content.



Sonoma State University Graduated in 1973 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Humanistic Psychology.


University of California at Los Angeles Studied Engineering, Psychology.

Computer Languages

HTML, JavaScript, Lua/Corona SDK, Ruby on Rails, WebX WCTL, SCUMM, C, BASIC, Pascal, 6502 Assembly

Operating Systems

Macintosh OS X, UNIX, DOS, Windows

Computer Applications

Final Cut Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Garage Band, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Books & Apps

Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game, published by Unity Games

Rube Works is a game based on Rube Goldberg’s Machine cartoons and is the first official Rube Goldberg game. Available for iOS on the iTunes App Store, for Android on Google Play or the Amazon Appstore, and for Mac on the Mac App Store (coming soon to other platforms). 9–99 year olds


People Are Like Lollipops by Annie Fox, January 2013, published by Electric Eggplant A beautifully re-imagined edition of Annie’s first published book (Holiday House, 1971), now illustrated by Brian Narelle. Available on Kindle and in print. 3–7 year olds
Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story by Annie Fox, December 2012, produced by Electric Eggplant The second in the Raymond and Sheila children’s book series (4–8 year olds), illustrated by Eli Noyes. Available on Kindle (English and in Spanish) and in print (English and Spanish).
Teaching Kids to Be Good People: Progressive Parenting for the 21st Century by Annie Fox, October 2012, published by Electric Eggplant A practical guide to navigating 21st century parenting challenges to raising kids with a moral compass. Available on Kindle and in print.
App: Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind by Annie Fox, February 2012, produced by Electric Eggplant in partnership with Free Spirit Publishing This 47-page digital graphic novel is based on Book 2 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential series, available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as the nabi tablet. 8–14 year olds
Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story by Annie Fox, September 2011, produced by Electric Eggplant First story in the Raymond and Sheila series for 4–8 year olds, this Read Aloud iBook was illustrated by Eli Noyes and is available in print (English and Spanish), on the iBookstore for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as an Android app (Kindle Fire, nabi tablet, and other Android Devices), and an ebook on Kindle (English and in Spanish).
App: Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are by Annie Fox, April 2011, produced by Electric Eggplant in partnership with Free Spirit Publishing This 49-page digital graphic novel is based on Book 1 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential series, available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as the nabi tablet. 8–14 year olds


Computer Animation Primer
Byte/McGraw-Hill Books, 1982
Co-wrote with Mitchell Waite. Covered current breakthroughs in computer graphics and animation as well as uncovered the secrets of the Atari 800 computer’s graphics capabilities. The complete text of this book can be found here.

Armchair BASIC
Osborne/McGraw-Hill Books, 1982
Co-wrote with Annie Fox (she was the primary author on this one). Has been translated into Danish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, and is still in print after 10 years.

Pascal Primer
Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 1981
Co-wrote with Mitchell Waite. A humorous introduction to UCSD Pascal.

Community Service

Sustainable Marin

2011-Present —Board of Directors. SustainableMarin.org


Novato Milestones Wind Ensemble

2010-Present — founding member of this fabulous 40 piece concert band. NovatoMilestones.org


Sustainable San Anselmo

2009-Present — helping to launch this Green organization. SustainableSanAnselmo.org

Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Non-Marching Band, AKA The Sewer Band

2007-2010 — 75 amazing musicians, aged 25-90. The band recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Marin Democrats

2004-2005 — helped redesign and implement a new web site. www.MarinDemocrats.org


Dean for America

July 2003-March 2004 — volunteered on various projects to help elect Howard Dean to be our next president. I produced phase II of the www.Switch2Dean.com site and edited 6 of the videos.

Corte Madera Town Band

2000-2010 — A group of 55 people, aged 20-80, giving concerts throughout the year at retirement homes, shopping centers, parades. I played trombone in the band and served on its leadership board.

  Ross Valley Community for Schools (now named YES) RVCS is a group of parents and teachers whose fund-raising efforts provide money for art, music, and drama programs in the Ross Valley School District, Marin County, CA.

1997 — Playing trombone in the pit band for production of Pajama Game.

1996 — Playing trombone in the pit band for production of Brigadoon.

1993 — Served on the Board for one year and contributed video production work for the drama program.

  Marin Academy High School 1996 — Co-taught, with Annie Fox, a one-week mini-course on computer game design.


Helsinki, Finland

2004 — Keynote Speaker, “Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, The Early Years: 1982-1990.” Assembly is a large annual gaming and demo conference in Finland.


The Gathering
Hamar, Norway
2004 — Speaker, “Lucasfilm Games, The Early Years”. Similar to Assembly, The Gathering is a large annual gaming conference in Norway. More info here. And click here for a video of my talk.


SIGGRAPH 1993 — Member of Tomorrow’s Realities Jury

1991 — Member of Virtual Reality Jury

1985 — Course speaker: Advanced Computer Animation, “Small Systems Strategies”

1984 — Panel: Microcomputer Graphics. Presented the game, Rescue on Fractalus!

Meckler Virtual Reality Conference 93 1993 — Speaker, “It’s Not the Technology”

Computer Game Developers Conference 1996, 1997 — Speaker, “Collaborating in Game Design”

1993 — Speaker, “Survey and Review of Computer Games User Interfaces”

Writing For Interactive Multimedia Conference 1996 — Speaker, “How to Write & Pitch an Irresistible CD-ROM Proposal”

Additional Information

Enjoys film, theater, playing trombone, biking, hiking, Science Fiction, photography, video production.

Married with two grown children.